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Our visual perception is increasingly restricted by the routine processes of our everyday lives. Something often only awakens our attention when it finds its way into our consciousness in an extraordinary way.

Attention, mindfulness and pausing are precursors for a different way of seeing… a seeing that enables us to consciously perceive the surprising and the unexpected - and therefore to enjoy it even more.

Beauty can be discovered everywhere: in the elegance of certain details, in the texture of surfaces, in the play of light and colours, and in the poetics of forms…


Scenography here is to be understood  as  a  setting in scene of the urban environment that surrounds us, which tries to make the hidden aesthetics visible again and again in a trivial environment that we no longer perceive.

A    R    C    H    I    T    E    C    T    U   R   E

© 2016 by aNTJE HOMMEL

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